Pissed Modernism is about making Art and Politics accessible to everyone.


How do we do this? Easy. We make great art.


Oh, and beer. Lots of beer.


The format is simple; artists, illustrators and anyone that fancies a go, designs a bespoke beer label and sends it in. We then choose 60 labels that are then placed on beers from local breweries with the resulting bottles put on show and sold to raise money for a local charitable cause.


We also have some of the coolest graphic artists making work on whatever subject they want.

From socio-political issues to lolcats to, well, whatever pisses them off.


Some of our artists include:

Want Some Studio, Craig Black, Emer Tumilty, Ben Rider, Lucky Budgie Studio, Nick Cocozza,

Rachel Millar, TypographHer, Warriors Studio, David Galletly, Amy Dunne, Alice Carnegie,

And more...


What are the main aims of Pissed Modernism...


We want to engage with people and create an environment that encourages debate and maintains an awareness and interest in socio-political issues.

We try and encourage voter registration amongst young people and participation in local activism within local communities through creating inspiring events that showcase a diverse range of artistic work and opinions that different groups can relate to.


So many illustrators and designers have a voice that far too often is never heard. By allowing these creatives to showcase their work in an exhibition space out with the constraints of everyday commissioned work, we want to allow them the creative freedom to make work that they care about on issues that are important to them.


Another key aim of Pissed Modernism, is to help promote young artists and their work who may feel they have been marginalised. We want to encourage participation in politics by giving young creatives the opportunity to voice their opinions on whatever issues piss them off, without influence from tutors or art directors, and stick it on a bottle of beer! This also gives them a fantastic piece for their commercial folios that is their voice and that hopefully brings their personality to the attention of industry professionals.


Pissed Modernism is a grassroots graphic art event that has organically grown every year. We believe that by making work that people can relate to, uses humour and works on several levels we can engage and inspire people to speak about politics. By promoting a more “low brow” approach to the curation of the displays, we can show people that art IS for everyone and enable them to create.

All images on this website are Copyright © Pissed Modernism 2017 and must have permission to be reused. Pissed Modernism is organised and curated by Want Some Studio